More On Remy Ma Arrest, She Was Almost In The Clear

Remy Ma is not in the best situation right now. Here is the latest.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Remy Ma turned herself in for the alleged assault of Love & Hip-Hop co-star Britteny Star and now the "REMifications" are coming. Remy Ma, the Bronx-bred rapper, allegedly punched Brittney Taylor at a benefit concert in New York last month. Brittney Taylor and Remy were backstage at the Pretty Lou Benefit concert at Irving Plaza in NYC when the alleged attack happened after a conversation about Remy's step-daughter.

But you know all this already.

Now, it seems like Remy has completely complicated her situation. She was slated to get off probation for the jail time she served for shooting a friend. If they decide to violate her, it could cause serious issues for her freedom. Remy, husband Papoose and Papoose's hat came from court today, but didn't answer any questions from the paps.

And now Britteny Taylor is wants other people to talk to the cops and the Courts. She is calling on all witnesses to testify against Remy and say they saw her give her that 2-piece. I am not sure that will work. First of all, Remy remains a really well respected member of the Hip[-Hop community. Secondly, people don't really like talking to the cops in rap. I am not sure what Brit is looking to do, but it may impact her career. I suppose she feels a higher calling and that is justice right now. Remy was already in jail already for 7 winters and 6 summers. I hope she's not looking at more.