More On The Day Care Owner That Bailed Out R.Kelly!

This R. Kelly situation keeps getting weirder and weirder!

(AllHipHop Rumors) This life that we are living in is so odd. As I type this, we are watching Michael Cohen testify before the Congress over Donald Trump. It is presumed that this will lead to impeachment of Donald Trump. Well, on to what I am REALLY here for and what you are REALLY interested in: The Women Who Bailed Out R. Kelly! A daycare owner in Chicago apparently took 100k that was taken from her dead daughter to spring the R&B singer from the bing. Now, this women is clearly insane...she works for kids and is now helping a man accused of raping, molesting and even peeing on kids. I know some don't regard teen age Black girls as kids, but they are. Anyway! I needed to know more about this woman, because it is bizarre!

Her name is Valencia Love and she met R. Kelly on a cruise. She has been a super fan ever since. In 2017, she and her spouse got $1.1 million in a wrongful death suit against a Chicago-area hospital. The kid died in 2010 over some sort of botched heart procedure. Before that she was broke and had to file for bankruptcy in 2015. The crazy thing is that Valencia Love posted the $100,000 after only meeting the singer a few months ago! So, she was not watching his friend from the 90's or something like I thought originally. This was September.

She called R. Kelly's inner team and said that she wanted to help the singer, because it has been widely reported that R. Kelly is broke. HOWEVER, I am hearing from my sources that this is quite false. I am being told that Kellz is PRETENDING TO BE BROKE so that he can continue to get as much help as possible with his financial plight. This fight for freedom will not be cheap and Kelly will eventually need all the help he can get for his legal battle. So they are pretending to be broke. I admit this contradicts what I have heard and reported previously. Either way, he's going to need money. I know the overseas tour was cancel and they were banking on that, literally. Lastly, I heard it is highly probable that he has his money in offshore accounts to protect it. He owes a lot of money in child support so, I am going to just say we don't know what his money is like.

The 52-year-old singer is in a world of sh#t.

So is Love, from what I am hearing. They are now boycotting her daycare and tearing her apart on Yelp. At this rate, she won't have a business serving kids as she attempts to serve the King of the Golden Showers.


Simone Grant
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