More Proof DJ Khaled Is Losing It!


Khaled is not stopping his crusade against those he feels kept him from No. 1!

(AllHipHop Rumors) So, I know the news section already reported on this, but I have to add my two cent since I have been covering this from day one! DJ Khaled is really feeling A WAY about not coming in No. 1 for his new album, Father of Asahd. I get it, all he does is win and coming in second place to a gender-fluid rapper-singer like Tyler The Creator is not acceptable. But, now he is looking like Nicki Minaj like last year or so when she dropped Queen. I am mot sure...but here we go.

Now, it looks like Khaled is going to SUE Billboard magazine for this.

The hit producer was seriously pissed off, because Tyler sold 165,000 units of IGOR, when counting copies that were included with bundled purchases of merchandise, stickers and more.

DJ Khaled did the same thing with Father of Asahd, which was also sold as a bundle with energy drinks he hawks and moved 137,000 copies according to Billboard.

But DJ Khaled maintains Billboard refused to count another 100,000 of his bundled units without any logical explanation.

Now, reports are suggesting Khaled is going to let the courts sort out the dispute, with a lawsuit against Billboard.

The rapper's legal team is planning to tell the court he was "unfairly disqualified" from taking the #1 slot due to an arbitrary decision by Billboard to not include his sales.

He's not letting up either. Check this out.

This all seems odd to me, but I suppose he's really passionate about this and I suspect it has something to do with his son. I can't call it, but it seems like it to me. He said, “I’m in the music bizz not bundle bizz," which is clearly a jab at Tyler. The only thing is...he tried to bundle albums too.

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