Most Hated Hoe In LA Facing Serious Jail Charges!

AllHipHop Staff

A LA woman styling herself as a social media star has been arrested and is facing some serious charges!

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) I've heard of a lot of things, but I thought being the "Most Hated Hoe" was a hood anomaly.

Honestly, I thought it was a fictitious title created based off of a feeling. The times have been forever changing and I have once again been proven to be wrong.

Recently an LA woman claiming to be the "Most Hated Hoe" was arrested on some serious charges.

The woman, Melanie Denae Williams, was known as "Pretty Hoe" on social media. Surprisingly, the title seems to be a serious claim as she was arrested on sex trafficking charges.

Williams is accused of trafficking young girls and forcing them into sex work. One allegation accuses her of forcing one woman to strip she beat her with a broomstick and threw bleach at her.

She has been indicted on five counts including two counts of sex trafficking a minor, two counts of enticement of a minor to engage in prostitution, and one count of sex trafficking an adult by force, fraud, or coercion.

Melanie Williams could face a life sentence if found guilty of any of the charges. It's said that Williams used social media and her website "" to recruit victims.

She has been in police custody and jailed without bond.
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So firstly I will say that the charges
that she's facing are Very serious and it's just not fair got the girls she
delt with had to go thru
that but hear nor there
it's not your job to pass
judgement towards her
As you have no clue
What led up to her being
where she was in life
maybe she was being
forced to do such thing
look at the big picture
not a little picture
Because she has a tattoo on her face doesn't mean she smoked crack because she has a tattoo under face doesn't mean you the bad person that's where the world is messed up today you just don't know her situation.


This is what you must expect from someone with a tat on the face. She's a hollow-brainer.


anyone with face tats smoked crack at one point or another in their life


Rot in hell skank



Yikes. This is crazy.