Move Over Maury! Future’s “Alleged” Baby’s Mothers Took Paternity In Their Own Hands

Simone Grant

Looks like Future’s Christmas list just got bigger as he has two new babies to spoil this year.

Future has so many kids it’s sometimes hard to keep track. In the case of baby Reign and Legend, Future, YOU ARE THE FATHER!

Future two baby’s mothers, Eliza and Cindy recently got a sibling dna test done to prove their children were half siblings. If you’re thinking what I’m thinking; yeah, I never heard of this being done either. Well, maybe on The Maury Show.

Both women posted it on their Instagram pages for the entire world to see. 

Eliza also posted a sub shooting hella shots at her baby daddy.

Surprisingly, Future has remained quiet and hasn’t yet clapped back or posted any subs. The only thing the rapper is really worried about is showing off his new lady, Lori Harvey.

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Worst thing that can happen to a man is having a baby by a hoe!!! Lori Harvey is a step up!!!


Dude is & always will be a loser!!!! "I'm Poppin', I got a little talent, I made a TON of $$$ with that LITTLE talent, come on & have sex with me"......9 months later "Who are you again?" "I never had sex with you!", I'm a good father, I don't want Russell Wilson claiming my son". Fuck Him!!!