Murder?: Lil Boosie Is All In The Rumors About His Baby Moms' Brother?

Boosie and his presumed baby moms are not in great standing and, media puts a lot of rumors in the air.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Lil Boosie is one of the baddest rappers out there on the Big Man above! But a new video has people saying he has admitted to a murder. Now, I am not sure all of the backstory. but here is what I am figuring out. Lil Boosie has a baby mom that he does not get along with. And she, and he had an argument, where a lot of angry words were exchanged. She recorded that conversation, likely without Boosie's awareness. If he knew he was being recorded, I am almost certain he would not have said some of the things he said. In the audio, which was pumped out there he says, "let see if you can float in that river like your brother, I'll put a bag on your head."

My first thought was the following:

Now, what were ya'll thinking it was?