Mysonne Goes In On “Bozo” Rapper Troy Ave


Troy Ave has had his differences with a number of individuals, and now you can add fellow New York rapper Mysonne to the list.

by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors)

Remember Troy Ave has had various beefs with Joey Badazz, Young Lito, Ransom, Casanova2X, and Ab-Soul, and Mysonne is saying enough is enough!

Apparently Mysonne is taking issue with the fact that he feels that Troy perpetuates a lifestyle that he isn’t even about.

“I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t just come out and say that Troy Ave is a f-cking bozo. But, you know, like a real bozo! Like when you sit there and you keep watching somebody perpetuate a lifestyle, then some type of attitude, that you know they’re not really like that,” said Mysonne.

Mysonne is also frustrated with Troy’s fans and the media for continuously giving Troy Ave a platform to show off his artificial gangster.

Mysonne says he’s been trying to focus on uniting more of New York artists, but he can’t stand for the fake. Mysonne says that he’s a real n-gga and has lived a real n-gga lifestyle, and that he knows Troy Ave is fake and putting on a fake persona.

A lot of these rappers are actors though. LOL. I would’ve been a lot happier if Mysonne challenged Troy Ave to use his platform to push positivity though. I’m willing to bet that it was Ave’s Tupac comparison [to himself] that sent Mysonne over the edge. Ninja ain’t nowhere near a second coming of Pac. Carry on!