Mysonne Has Something To Say About Future, Young Thug And Gucci!


Future said something about Gucci and Mysonne says something about Future.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Future said that he's going to keep watching Gucci. On IG, we said that T.I. should talk to ol' boy, but it looks like the homie Mysonne is going to talk at him. Mys really didn't talk to HIM, but he talked to us and I've feeling what he's saying.

"How the f#ck we gonna listen to Future about living?" He throws Young Thug in there too, because he also said he would continue to support Gucci. I think people are weird for listening to those brothers on anything outside of a head bop.

This is how I am looking at Future.

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this is a frustrated cant write a hit to save his life underground rapper!!! who cares.....


Mysonne always speaks the truth