Nas Has The Heaux Going Wild In His Comments!


Uh oh! It sounds like Escobar is laying some serious pipe. LMAO. GIRLS GONE WILD.

by ClassicOne Rumors.

(AllHipHop Rumors)

So rumor has it that as Nas is a pretty down to earth dude, and that he also likes to f-ck around with your regular shmegular (Cardi B voice) girls also.

So apparently Nas was having some fun down in Houston for Super Bowl weekend & he’s apparently been ignoring a chick from Atlanta that he was messing with, and the girl and another girl decided to sound off in his comments. One of the chicks seems to be pretty illiterate and hiding behind a fake page; she really isn’t making any sense either as she’s brought another woman into an online feud over Nas.

The other woman is going off saying that she doesn’t want Nas, and Nas wants her. Woman #2 also says that a real woman would DM her instead of being messy in Nas’ comments.

They say good D withdrawals will have a woman’s psyche messed up though. LOL. Nasir call these girls. LOL.

One woman says that she’s kicking Nas out of her house, and the other woman just wants to be left alone, as she says that Nas did her wrong in the past, and that he’s the other girl’s problem now. Somewhere in the conversation word of a secret baby and alleged child support payments made by Nas’ pops up too. Oop! It doesn’t look like the women came to any resolve, but they both claim that Nas is f-cking a lot of h*es on the side. And it looks like the new chick tagged the ex chick to start some shhhh, and the ex chick says despite her and Nas being on bad terms, they are still smashing. LOL. Carry on!

Let me find out Nas has a little harem outchea! You gotta control these heaux Nas! LOL. They are getting reckless in your comments.