NBA Star Makes Black History With Rihanna Curve


Joel Embiid did what no man can really do - turn down Rihanna!

(AllHipHop News) So, this happened.

"This is the truth... I was trying to get with this famous girl and she said " Come back when you're a All Star" bruhh"

And Joel Embiid came back like he was avenging his brother death. But, Rihanna Curved him back in the day and now he's no longer interested. "She denied me back then; there's no reason to go back to her." Peep below how it went down.

Here is the transcript of Joel Embiid actually making Black History!

LeBATARD: You’ve been pushing to make the All-Star Game. Is it true — is
this a true story or are you making this up — that a woman, a famous
woman, you were hitting on her and she said, "Come back when you’re an
all-star?" Is that true of false?

EMBIID: It’s a true story. It’s not who everybody thinks it is. But the story is actually true.

LeBATARD: So it’s not Rihanna? Because everybody thinks it’s Rihanna.

EMBIID: No. [Laugh]

LeBATARD: OK, well I’m wondering who it is then. Why are you keeping her a secret?

EMBIID: I mean, if I make the All-Star Game, everyone’s going to find
out who the woman is. But I think it’s just funny so that’s why I’ve
been using that to get some more votes and people —

LeBATARD: Wait a minute, so you’re actually going to get a date with
this woman and unveil this date if you do indeed make the All-Star Game?

EMBIID: Yeah. [Laugh]

LeBATARD: So you’re gonna get the date? You know you need— OK, so this
is the first time this has ever been done in the history of the All-Star

[Embiid continues to laugh]

STUGOTZ: What if he doesn’t make it this year and makes it next year and by next year she’s taken?

LeBATARD: Well, OK, wait a minute. What is going to happen there?

EMBIID: Uh, I think she’s going to have to leave her man for me because—
she’s just going to have to leave her man for me. That’s how it goes.

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Rihanna shouldn't have been so hard on this brah. Need a thunder job does he.