NBA Youngboy Does His Girlfriend Super Dirty In Hotel!


Apparently NBA wanted to have his cake and eat it too!

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Louisiana Rapper NBA Youngboy has been the subject of discussion for many things to close out 2017. One was a chain snatching incident.

That incident saw a member of his entourage losing a chain with NBA Youngboy commenting to clarify that he personally wasn’t relieved of any jewels.

The other was the growing tension between him and fellow rapper MoneyBagg Yo after they previously released a collaborative project together.

Now NBA Youngboy is making headlines again for allegedly making his girlfriend sleep in the hotel lobby while he was touring. He allegedly made her sleep in the lobby so that he could allegedly have sex with another woman.

Rumors begin circulating after someone posted a picture of NBA Youngboy’s girlfriend online.

A young woman is seen in the picture laying on a hotel couch in fetal position.

Rumors grew after his girlfriend also posted posted a message online saying,

“Been treated so wrong I’ll never love again.”

She also later posted a video clip of herself saying things like,

“Honestly, it’s not what y’all making it into. Ok, I’m not in the room. I’m good, and I slept on the floor last night because I wanted to, ya feel me.”

NBA Youngboy later responded to these claims via a social media video stating,

“Mane stop speaking on me and my girl, like b*tch y’all really worried about the wrong f*cking thang. She slept in the lobby cuz she ain’t want to sleep with me. The f*ck.”

Teenage love is always drama-filled and the confusion can easily be prevalent with NBA Youngboy still clocking in at 18 years of age.

His girlfriend later took to social media to post pictures of her shopping spree after the allegations surfaced. So nobody really knows what’s going on between the two.

Do you think NBA Youngboy was right for letting his girlfriend go sleep in a hotel lobby?

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