NBA Youngboy Photographed Kissing Another Man!

Is NBA Young Boy just showing love or exuding gay tendencies?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Black men, Black men...we are changing! Now, there are a number of conversations going on these days. On one side, there is the chatter about the emasculation of Black men and on the other side there is the convo of men being unable to express their emotions in healthy ways. Facts - Black men have almost never been able to "show love" for another without being branded gay. Similarly, we have seen how detrimental "toxic masculinity" can be. That said, enter NBA Young Boy. Pause. (Was that toxic?) Anyway, recently he was seen kissing another man, who has since confirmed the pic is authentic and real.

Yo. Keeping it a buck, why do we even care? I gotta say, there is so much more going on in the world and Hip-Hop that I gotta ask it. But this is "a thing" that hearkens back to the old days of Baby and Lil Wayne giving each other a smooch on the face. Remember they claimed it was the way "gangster" do? Now that was funny. ANYWAY, the side piece on this is that Kevin Gates got looped in this mess with all of his toe licking glory! But, some have charged that he and NBA may be a bit close...close enough to raise eyebrows. Gates even got NBA tatted on his body. That's heavy, but I'm gonna say he's just got some otherworldly love for his bro. He licked his wifes toes like they were Buffalo Wild Wings!