NBA Youngboy's Chain Snatcher Wants $20K For Chain


NBA Youngboy threatens to shoot up venue over snatched chain!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Recently footage of NBA Youngboy speaking on getting one of his chains snatched surfaced online.

NBA made sure to make it clear that the individual didn't snatch the chain off of his neck, but instead the chain was snatched off of the neck of one of the members of his entourage.

In the video clips, NBA is telling whoever snatched the chain to raise their hand and come forward.

“That ain’t his chain, that’s my chain. I ain’t really tripping off that sh*t because I got too much money. I will shoot this b-tch up," he said.

Following the video, the chain snatcher has made a video of his own.

The man wearing the chain tells Youngboy to admit that he got caught slacking.

The other man in the video says NBA Youngboy will have to dish out $20K to get his chain back.

The chain snatcher says he doesn't give a f-ck about the chain, but clearly he's grimey and trying to come up off of it.

I can't respect anyone that would snatch a chain, or try to rob a person for anything.

I wonder how this will end.

Will NBA say f' the chain? Will he catch the dudes slipping? Will someone snitch on them so they can get caught for trying to extort him for his own shhhhh?!

It's all a mess!

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that thing probably worth 4


O ly thing going in my mind reading this was "Sh don't change until you get up and wash your a ni*"