NBA Youngboy Threatens To Kill NewAge Jerkboy For Wearing Wedding Dress


What has Hip Hop become?! If you had a problem with Young Thug, check out NewAge Jerkboy.

(AllHipHop Rumors) These rappers have to watch what they say and what they put online!

NewAge Jerkboy is a new rapper who has recently made headlines for wearing a wedding dress in his new music video for his song "Married To The Game."

Some have even called him Young Thug 3.0.

I'm sure NewAge expected to received quite a bit of backlash because of his fashion choice, but I don't think he expected to receive a death threat from a fellow rapper!

While promoting his controversial new video, NBA Youngboy jumped in NewAge Jerkboy’s comments to let him know that he “doesn’t play that sh-t”.

“On my mama I’ll kill you. I don’t know if you playing or not. We don’t play that sh-t slime.” NBA Youngboy said.

NewAge Jerkboy has yet to respond back to NBA Youngboy, but many aren't pleased with the direction Hip Hop seems to be going in as a whole.

What are your thoughts? NBA Youngboy better be careful. If anything happens to this guy, he's going to be the first one they come looking for.

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The agenda is real


Young thug is a legend.