Nelly Isn’t Happy With His Dad!

Rapper Nelly recently voiced his displeasure with the actions of his father.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors)Nelly is one of the Hip-Hop's Veteran emcees and has been for well over a decade. The St. Louis native gave us the hit singles "Hot In Here" and "Country Grammar" just to name a few.

As a new artist, Nelly made his claim as the #1 artist relatively early in the game. The musician still tours til this day due to the stellar music catalog he's compiled.

Most things are the music game are private, but lately having a private life hasn't been one.

Family is supposed to be some of the closest people to you, but sometimes they aren't. It seems that Nelly is learning this lesson the hard way as he recently stated online.

The news came in the form of social media posts made to his official Instagram page.

There Nelly would voice his displeasure with some recent actions made by his father. He wouldn't say specifically what his dad did, but he did let the world know he was pissed.

This being because he took care of his father for the last 20 years without his father ever doing the same for him.

Hopefully everything becomes better for the rapper and his family as things become clearer.