Nelly Wants That Old Thing Back!


Although it has appeared that all is well with Nelly and his boo, Miss Jackson, it looks like Nelly may actually want that old thing back!

by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors) For whatever reason, Nelly was spotted singing his ex-girlfriend, Ashanti’s song, “Always On Time.”

I mean, sometimes people are mature enough to move on as friends after a breakup, and after a relationship between artists, some are still able to acknowledge that their exes had hits and classics.

Perhaps Nelly was just showing love. We wonder how Miss Jackson felt about this?

But then again, who wouldn’t want Ashanti back? Have you seen her? Maybe Nelly will be lucky enough to get them to menage it up a little.

But no seriously, someone come get Nelly! LOL!

Who’s badder? Ashanti or Miss Jackson?