New 6ix9ine Mugshot Gives Some Clues To What's To Come...

What lies ahead for Tekashi 69? Dude is about to snitch and was attacked in jail, allegedly.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Right now 6ix9ine is house in a prison facility that is used for co-operating witnesses aka snitches. But was his move expedited because the rapper / alleged gangster was attacked in that Brooklyn jail? A jailhouse ID card has leaked to the internet and it seems to show evidence of physical damage on 6ix9ine. Now, I am not going to lie, I cannot see this evidence but the sleuths of the internet seem to have a better Eagle eye than me! I can't see it, mainly because the image is too blurry.

This dude is like the fake Akademiks, but he has some good information.

I don't know a lot about jail or prison, but I know they cannot transfer everybody that gets attacked to the snitch jail. I think its more likely that he got transferred because he's willing to talk to the coppers and federalis than due to an attack of some sort. I can see we are going to be dealing with the Tekashi stuff for long, long time! I hope he learns a hard lesson if he gets out of this whole thing. It does not look good and the media is painting a serious picture that seems to verify the RICO claims. 30K on the cousin of a rapper? Sheeesh! Who does that on camera?

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What I think is funny is that these "snitch" and "rat" rules don't seem to apply to the masses. I suspect if he does rat out his crew, nothing will change for Tekashi. It will be a bit of a blemish in the streets or something, but those folks to buy albums. There have been a super long legacy of rappers that violated the G-Code in a myriad of ways and they still managed to flourish by work ethic and more aka protection.

I don't know who 6ix9ine's real OGs were, but they sure didn't stop him from talking all reckless.

I think he needs to find several seats and just try to get out of this alive.