New Video: Is Quavo Lame Or Going Ether On Nicki Minaj?

Quavo is playing no games shading Nicki Minaj so much its like a solar eclipse!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Quavo of The Migos is not playing with Nicki Minaj. As you know, he released a song called "Huncho Dreams" where he reveals that she and he had a sexual relationship. I am not sure what happened, but this my opinion. I think Nicki was a lot "more" than Quavo anticipated and he's mad. Meek said it. Safari said she stabbed him. There is a pattern here. I don't think that Quavo would diss a doting lover of people like he's going hard unless he was an evil, evil man. This will bode well for the idea that Nicki is a victim I am not sure she is. Is Quavo going too hard? Probably. It definitely won't make him look any better.

So, he went hard in a new way. He gave her a gift earlier this year and Nicki was super hype and excited to get a bag...a handbag. Quavo made fun of the whole ordeal at his recent concert outing.


And this was like yesterday:

Damn, homie! Maybe Nicki Minaj should find a male librarian and date him.

No. 1-1

Quavo is just like the Migos....Dingy, Dirty, Disgusting and Damned....