Nick Cannon Doesn't Respect How Eminem Handled Mariah Carey Situation


Nick says that as a man, he couldn't allow Em to disrespect his family.

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Nick Cannon made headlines last year for challenging Eminem to a rap battle.

Ironically, Eminem didn’t respond to Nick Cannon in a similar manner to President Trump not responding to multiple diss verses from Eminem in 2017.

Nick Cannon sat down and spoke with DJ Vlad recently about the entire situation with Eminem and how he handled it.

“You gon apologize and I’m going to see you in person and tell you that’s what you have to do,” stated Nick Cannon after being asked about how the Eminem diss record affected his marriage with Mariah Carey and their family.

In 2009, Eminem released a diss record titled “The Warning” directed at Mariah Carey. He also dissed the couple on “Bagpipes From Baghdad,” a record from his 'Relapse' album.

“I attempted to talk to that man so many times and again he’s a little bit of a recluse. I get it. He’s a superstar and lives in his mansion in Michigan. He talks to who he wants to talk to,” further elaborated Nick Cannon about the issue.

The feud between the two has faded to black and has been dormant, but it’s always interesting to hear the inner thoughts of those involved in the situation.

The Eminem/Nick Cannon feud is showing no signs of reigniting with Eminem currently having his eyes on his Donald Trump at the present time.

Who do you think would win a rap battle between Nick Cannon and Eminem?