Nicki Minaj Caught Telling A Big Lie About Cardi B


Nicki and Cardi might as well get Michael Buffer and "Get ready to rumble!"

By Houston Williams

"If Cardi's the QB, I'm Nick Lombardi."

(AllHipHop Rumors) I know some of you are going to get sick this Nicki Minaj / Cardi B stuff but the truth is, it is rolling out as we talk. The latest is this: Nicki Minaj has been caught telling a straight up lie about Cardi B and her so-called issues. I am not sure if Cardi B was aware of it, but Nicki dissed Cardi B on the song they did together, "Motorsports." Remember in the recent interview with Beats1, Nicki played the victim role, even coming to the point of sounding like she was crying.

Put this in perspective, Cardi B's man and child's father is in the Migos so there is that level. But, she literally took a shot at Cardi B on the song "Motorsports." She said: I am the coach and you are just a player, Cardi. Vince Lombardi is like best coach to have ever lived. Listen to this.

Here is a bit more.

Here is some more.

Apparently, Atlantic Records has given this OK so that everybody understands that Nicki is lying and that Cardi played no role in this beef. The verse was changed after Cardi was added to the track. Nicki has not done a song with another rap chick until Cardi, but that was not her own record. Correct me if I am wrong. I am pretty sure Cardi won't jump into this fray, but all those bars on the new Nicki songs seem to be directed at Cardi.

I Do think Cardi is like:

And were is Remy Ma in all of this? I don't know, but I feel like she deserves some sort of credit. Not sure why, but she is vegan so I don't see her beefing anytime soon. :)

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Nicki and Cardi are really a distraction from the real issue at hand. The problem isn't about these two specifically. Only people with a dog in the fight would dwindle this down to these two. I mean really, what do they have that any other female rapper doesn't have? They both use ANYTHING other than lyrics to do hip hop music so...It's not even about rap. Cardi would do anything for money obviously. She, like many before her chose rap music because it's the easiest way to get rich quick, not because they love hip hop so much. I mean, Cardi isn't even writing the controversial words she is defending. LMAO Nicki seems to love rap music although she uses the obvious weakness rap music has against it as well. Sex sells and destroy's at the same damn time. The standard is set for black females very sleazy and low. Forget your lyrical flow, content, wit and delivery, take your clothes off and appeal to the bandwagoners and trend-followers and you win. Straight out of the Russia-Gate playbook.


Sri lanka


Nicki is a salty gutless subliminal little wench.. Every verse it's the same shit.