Nicki Minaj Gets ANOTHER Marriage License!

Nicki Minaj may be toying with us, because she's obtained yet another marriage license.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I wonder what that dude smashing Nicki Minaj, Mr. Petty, is thinking these days. This man must be on top of the world being with one of the most beautiful and successful women in the game! And she's happy! That dude hit the lottery! But I wonder what he's thinking because I feel like they are playing with us! Last month, I reported that they has obtained a marriage license. A month later, today, we find that they have gotten another one. This time, the marriage license was received in Beverly Hills. Last time it was New York.

I wish they would just go ahead and get it over with! Get married!!!

Here is the video for "Megatron," where Nicki forced Sir Petty to be in the video.

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Nicki luv slumming wit a bum on her elbow. Made Safree a bum star! Speakin of which how is her bum ass brotha still gettin his ass beat in a jail cell I know it must be hell!