Nicki Minaj Is Pregnant? A Report Says YES!

Is Nicki pregnant or is there just a really bad, bad rumor in circulation? Read and judge.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Is Nicki Minaj with child? We got this off a message board so take it for what it is worth. “Just learned that Nicki Minaj is PREGNANT . . . this ain’t rumor people – it’s 100% FACTS.” Wondering how true this could be. Now, there has been a lot of talk about Nicki Minaj and at times, Nas. But read this and decide.

Just learned that Nicki Minaj is PREGNANT . . . this ain’t rumor people – it’s 100% FACTS.

We received the report from an insider who sent us this message:

[Nicki] found out she was pregnant during thanksgiving and supposedly she supposed to announce her bundle of joy around the Grammys. (Attention seeking sloth)

She was also caught sneak dissing Nas on twitter talking about “ Have you ever noticed how confused people act when you start treating them EXACTLY how they’ve been treating you? “

It’s a known fact Nas is very moody and very stuck in his ways. She also tweeted “ Too often we confuse being loved with being used.”

In Nas crazy mind he may believe she doesn’t love him but she’s using him off the strength of how you out of nowhere become nasty crazy after Shether drop? You’ve been knowing Nas for how long? & after Remy bodies you , you get on some player s*** and start dating the rapper? IDK it’s a lot of fluke s*** going on and I will get to the bottom of it. Lol

She’s also been very MIA on the social medias. (Pregnancy I’m guessing)

And it gets juicier. We’re told that Nas has told KELIS about his new baby on the way – and Kelis is JEALOUS about not being Nas ONLY babys mother – so she’s messing withe their custody arrangement.

All around F*CKERY to start off 2018 . . .

EDITOR’S NOTE: There were quite a few grammar errors in that. Aside from that Carmen and Nas also have a kid too, not just Kelis. This could be a really bad rumor.

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I got respect for The God Nasir, but he already made mistakes with Carmen who let his enemy hit her (Jay), and then Kelis who was weird and trying to dig deep into his pockets. He don't need this with this plastic chick, but every man has to make his own moves.


"This site USED TO have some integrity" NEGRO PLEASE!!!!


come on now AHH. Now you're taking to quoting articles in their entirety from the thottest of gossip sites....word-for-word.

This site USED TO have some integrity..until now. I understand the hustle of maintaining visibility in this crowded internet hustle. It's about the traffic, the hits, the mentions, the shares, the advertising dollars....having to stay relevant in this era of the microwave, short-term, attention-deficit demographic.

But at what price? Credibility? We have enough trash sites out there. We, the lovers, purveyors, historians & keepers of the culture of Hip-Hop need something truly viable and representative of this thing of ours .. service the culture without sullying its existence.