Nicki Minaj Just Realized TakeOff's "Motorsport" Verse Was About Her


TakeOff thinks he's slick! LOL.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Hilarious!

There was a lot going on with Migos' single 'Motorsport' with it's five rappers.

I guess Nicki Minaj was so busy shooting down rumors about the alleged controversy with Cardi B surrounding the single that she missed TakeOff's verse about her!

TakeOff didn't hold anything back with his line that referenced her.

"If Nicki should show me her titty, right hand on the Bible, I swear I won't tell. If I get to play with that kitty I wonder how many platinums we gon' sell," rapped TakeOff.

TakeOff thinks he's slick! Nicki took to Twitter to reveal that TakeOff pulled a fast one on her.

Ultimately she seemed entertained though.

"Take Off verse on Motorsport.

it’s my shit tho but ummm
I feel like I didn’t peep them lines until the song came out. I was like

When a fan told Nicki that she was glad that she didn't stop TakeOff's bag, Nicki replied saying,

"I would’ve if I had realized he was talking about me in that part.

I didn’t peep that lil 5 letter word “nicki”."

It sounds like Nicki was joking about it, but at least she was a good sport about the whole thing. LOL. TakeOff has been lusting!

Nicki has also been playing with her fan's emotions as she asked them did they want a baby from her or her new album.

Hmmmmm. Maybe Nicki and Nas are "practicing" as she's been posting him on her page with the googly eyes.

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