Nicki Minaj On Travis Scott: "I Wanted To Punch Him In The Face"

Nicki Minja is still talking about Travis Scott's number 1 chart victory over her.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Nicki Minaj was NOT mad or upset at Travis Scott, but she did want to punch him in his face. OK. The self-proclaimed queen of all things Hip-Hop went on the Ellen show today and aired out her issues with Mr. Scott, who has somehow turned into her enemy. I am not certain how this happened, but it happened.

I am not sure why all the talk of fair and not fair. I went to listen to "SHEther" by Remy Ma and its no where to be found. I a hearing the same thing is happening to Pusha's diss of Drake. Destroying the "legacy of L's." But I digress. Some say Travis cheated and others say he's just employing the tactics that have been used forEVER. People like U2 and Prince have done stuff like this in the past, even if it was honorable. Prince was definitely honorable and U2 was annoying, because they were stuck on my iPhone. I think Nicki could handle this better by moving on.

Matter of fact, she should keep it moving like she did when she had that wardrobe malfunction.

What say you?