Nicki Minaj Wanted Her Team To Do Something And They Didn't Want To Do It.

Winnie Harlow dropped some insider information on her IG story.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Nicki, what's good? The new Nicki Minaj album is finally here, Queen. I have not heard the album at length, but it seems like she's back to Hip-Hop. Last night she had a big party in Los Angeles and everybody was there. Model Winnie Harlow was there too and she exposed Nicki in a fight with her management over the release of the album. "I don’t wanna wait ‘till nine. I want now," Nicki is heard yelling in rapid succession like a Trini-New Yorker. I don't know if she got her way, but Winnie recorded and released it.

Why did she do all those hood motions lol...I think she was making fun of her.

I think karma came back on Winnie, because she tried to get too touchy touchy with Kim Kardashian and was subtly checked. It's hilarious.

And there is somebody missing from Nicki's abum.

No Drake.