Nicki Writes Cardi B And Offset Writes Back

Nicki Minaj seemed to shade Cardi B and Offset was having none of it.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Offset deleted the tweets, but you know the internet! Before we get into that, let’s backtrack. Nicki Minja posted some cryptic message to “Queens” out there. I was not sure what she was saying, because, well - it just seemed out of place for Nicki to me. I could be wrong, so I am going to put my opinions on the shelf for this one. I thought it was just a random “trying to kick knowledge” post to the Barbz.

Here it is:

Nobody really understood what she was saying and then, it hit somebody on the internet. This was a short letter to Cardi B, not some overarching message to the ladies. It was SHADE! And then you know what was coming next…

Then Offset decides to clap.

He has since deleted these tweets, but the evidence remains. He wants all the smoke with Nicki Minaj. Cardi has not had her baby and I think she is chillin’ until that lil offset comes out. She has said in the past that when the bundle of joy comes, she’s going in. I think that is just what Nicki would like to jump off her album promo.

BUT...there is a catch....

What if Nicki wasn’t talking about Cardi? I mean, it CERTAINLY looks like it. But what if Offset exposed himself and confirmed the rumors? Team Barbie or whatever they are called is definitely looking at him in that way.

Why don't these people "@" each other? All subliminals and no smoke!