Nipsey Hussle Rumors: It Is All Bad.

Nipsey Hussle is dead, but the rumors around his passing are very alive.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Let us begin. First of all, take a look at this:

I saw this face all day and I didn't feel comfortable about putting it on there site or social media. Some of us are still somewhat responsible. BUT this is now taking on a life of itself.

Here is some more for y'all.

Anyway. The word is the dude was a known snitch and he pulled to the clothing store Nipsey owns asking for a record deal. Sources say Nipsey basically shooed the dude away, letting him know that he cannot be around here, because he is a known snitch. Well, the guy just walks away, gets in the car. Very uneventful at first. He then comes back blazing his gun. The details are murky, but he apparently he shot Nip, like walked away, shot him again, walked away and then kicked him in the head after shooting him in the head. He did this THREE TIMES. THIS AIN'T MY WORLD. But I am going to relay what I am hearing. First of all, if dude was a snitch, he's in theory State Property, a fed worker...this happens the day before Nipsey is supposed to meet with the LAPD to talk about reducing gun violence in South Central LA. Read about it below.

So, man that is co-operating with the cops or feds is able to kill one of the most progressive, dope, cool and otherwise revolutionary rappers on Earth the day before he was set to meet with the LAPD to reduce the violence in the 'hood. Strikes a lot of people as odd. Anyway, we were not there and we do NOT know the dynamics of Los Angeles culture. But, there are a lot of rumors.

One last thing.

Los Angeles had a vigil for big Nipsey and there were multiple injuries reported. New York had a vigil as well, but there were no outbreaks of violence. In my last post many theorized (you like that word) that the murder of Nipsey Hussle was to incite violence and justify mobilization military-style police. It sounds like a reach, but there are definitely military cops all up in New York City. As for Nipsey, people want this to be a simple case of Black-on-Black crime. But, "we" have always had to contend with Black faces that either pulled the trigger on behalf of the enemy or set it up. History shows this. Is that what this his? Who knows. But don't be too quick....slow down, stop tweeting and just look around. I forgot the other rumors out there, but comments on it and let me know what you are hearing.

Stay blessed everybody.


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Ninjas always want to think beyond simple stuff on stupid issues. Ninjas won't vote but think Nipsey got setup by the government. Pac and Biggie got assassinated?!?!? ahahahah ok. RIP Nipsey. Got caught slipping and killed by a snitch. The game filthy


I hear you need a proof reader.