Nipsey Hussle's Bodyguard Quits In The Wake Of The Rap Star's Death

Nipsey Hussle's no. 1 security dude has decided to call it quits.

(AllHipHop Rumors) There is so much to say about Nipsey Hussle and I'm going to say a bit of it. Nip is dead and people are in deep mourning. Lauren London finally released her statement, which really showed how much she is in mourning. And I don't know why I said "finally," because I really didn't expect her to say anything for a very long time. I'm praying for her.

On another note, Nipsey had a bodyguard that was with him almost every moment. But, he was not with him on this day. According to reports I saw, Nipsey decided to just leave the house on a "hum" without any friends or security. In rumor, he didn't tell anybody. He just went to the shop that he owned and posted up. And that's where he died. I have so many questions and thoughts, but out of respect for this situation and the family, I will keep it to myself. All I will say is this is a PERFECT STORM and that I don't believe in coincidences.

On that note, Nipsey's bodyguard had decided to retire from the job now that his main client is dead. It seems like dude is really depressed, which makes perfect sense. They had a client relationship, but they were friends as well. he said he would have taken the bullet for Nipsey and I believe him. At first I didn't, but after reading more and seeing more, I totally believe him. I think he will reconsider retiring, but I know this is traumatic for him he may never return to "normal."

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