No Justice, No Peace! Freddie Gibbs Roasts LL Cool J!


Freddie Gibbs doesn't care that LL Cool is a legend rapping about social injustices. He is roasting him!

(AllHipHop Rumors) What did LL Cool J do to Freddie Gibbs? That's all I can think of because he has been roasting him ever the older legend in leather. As you may have seen, LL dropped a pretty passionate rap to the death of people like George Floyd that have been victim to the EVILS of police brutality. 

Check this out:

There's nobody that has been able to give context to this other than Gibbs calling LL "a cop." What could have gotten Gibbs so mad at LL for? Maybe he's trying to promote his new album.

And yes, I know I am late! I been looting since yall won't help me come up!

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Looters don't give a F#ck about George Floyd but just want to take advantage of the situation and to make a joke about that is stupid..Just like Drug Dealers and Gangbangers it's time for our community to stop letting them tear down our ppl..They burned and looted black owned small business..I don't support burning down or looting small business at all..I don't care what color the owner is..


That last line you said is not funny at all. People dying out here.