No More Ballin: ESPN Bans Lavar Ball For Inappropriate Comments


ESPN bans Lavar Ball After Inappropriate Comments To Molly Qerim

(AllHipHop Rumors) Big Baller Brand boss Lavar Ball is known for saying his sons are the greatest basketball players that ever lived and for always saying some wild ish every time he gets in front of the camera. He often gets away with his crazy commentary, but his latest comments may have gotten him benched from one of the major sports networks.

According to reports by The Athletic, Lavar Ball has been banned from making appearances on all the ESPN platforms after his slick remark to 'First Take' host Molly Qerim on Monday.

Ball came on ESPN’s ‘First Take’ to discuss his son, Lonzo, who was one of the major pieces in the blockbuster trade that sent superstar Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers and sent a host of players – including Ball – to the Pelicans.

Qerim asked Ball if she could “switch gears” in the conversation. Ball responded, “You can switch gears with me anytime.” The faces of co-host Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman were priceless.

Things got weird on set and it wasn’t long for the ESPN officials to immediately condemned Ball’s comments. Qerim, who happens to be married to EPSN commentator and former Fab 5 member Jalen Rose, said in an interview later that she felt ESPN brass was very supportive and “had her back.” Ball’s representative responded to his mishap by saying Ball’s comments were not intended to be sexual in nature.

ESPN wasn’t trying to hear none of that. According to TMZ, the bosses at ESPN told Ball his comments were “completely inappropriate.” In an interview, Qerim said that Ball had not reached out with an apology.

In response to the episode, The Athletic reported Wednesday that ESPN has “no plans moving forward” to give Ball any more shine as an on-air guest or an on-the-record source for its digital platforms or even a background source for the network.

It’s looks Lavar Ball has to find another place to be reckless.

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