No Subs! Nipsey Hussle Claps Back At Love & Hip Hop's Masika!

Fetty Wap come get your baby mama!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Ah man! They said a hit dog will holler, but they also say you need to name names when talking shhhhh!

Nipsey Hussle recently caught wind of Fetty Wap's baby mama/ Love & Hip Hop's Masika's shady subliminal tweet towards him.

Basically the Hip Hop community was surprised or indifferent about Nipsey's public break up announcement about his split with Lauren London.

"@LaurenLondon and I had a dope relationship and made a Beautiful child. we are deciding to separate and raise our Son together as the main priority. This was A mutual choice and We will function with each-other as family w love and respect," tweeted Nipsey.

Masika decided to comment on the situation by tweeting,

"Do gangsta rappers announce break ups  "📷" "📷" "📷""

Nipsey either saw her tweet or was notified by it as he retweeted her and added his response,

"Do reality Tv throw aways...get to question Bosses? S/O my nigga @fettywap tho  "📷"."

Welp, this sent Masika into a rant, and it sounds like she's big mad.

"Now I see why lil emotional nippy ain’t put out a record in a min. Sis needa ghost writer. That was weak af. I coulda helped you with that feminine clap back since you got so much time on ya hands to entertain girl business. Watch ya fkn mouth sis. Cryin too much. Gangsta rappers and pocket books volume 2 out now... Black Friday special free af f-ck. Imma start letting these n-ggas borrow my dresses after I wear them on a red carpet. Can’t wear it again might as well put it to good use  "📷"," said Masika.

I wonder how this will end. I'd love to hear Lauren's thoughts also! Carry on!

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