Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Cee-Lo To Get Kicked Off The Voice?

AllHipHop Staff

As you know Cee-Lo was hit up when some woman claimed he slipped her a Molly or something. Let me say straight up…I'm hearing its all BS. Her facts have not added up from people I've talked to. Basically, he's being shaken down. But, you can't tell that to some people.

Cee Lo Accused Of Sexual Battery In Los Angeles; Rapper Denies Allegations

Rumor has it, the people at "The Voice" are looking to let Cee-Lo go before the end of THIS SEASON? This just sounds impossibly crazy, but its the word. Now, some speculate that they have all known these allegations were on the way, because Cee-Lo had already announced he would not be returning for the next season so he could work on music.

Hip-Hop Rumors: Cee Lo Allegedly Went On A Date With Sexual Battery Accuser

A brotha cannot get the benefit of the doubt, eh?

In cooler news, Jerry Seinfeld endorsed Cee-Lo's Puffy Shirt on the "The Voice."

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LOL! Cee-Lo a fool!



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