Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Is President Obama Going to Duet with Al Green???!!!

If "American Idol" creator Nigel Lythgoe has his way, President Barack Obama and Al Green will perform a duet together on the hugely popular show. The Idol head honcho tweeted an invitation to our swaggerlicious president via Twitter, inviting him to appear on "American Idol" and perform alongside the famous balladeer.


Lythgoe must have been very impressed by President Obama's rendition of "Let's Stay Together" during a recent campaign fundraiser event at The Apollo a few weeks back. Check out the video that sparked the invitation below:

So far, no response from Mr. President. Do you think it's a good idea for Barack to appear on Idol with Al Green? Lots of people watch that show, especially the hillbillies in middle America. Maybe he can garner some extra votes!