NON Hip-Hop Rumors: Was Christopher Dorner Executed For Something Else?

Well, we all know he was, because there was absolutely no due process, despite the heinous crime he was accused of.

Now, where does that put this in a broader context? I heard that Christopher Dorner was killed and only killed based on orders from way up the food chain. Seems like this situation was BOTCHED from the onset and the only way to clean it u was to kill him, shutting him up. I cannot lie, dude had a 11k word manifesto. I didn't read it, but I am informed that he had some claims against the LAPD that were very valid historically. It is rumored that Dorner knew SOMETHING MORE and was silenced forever. Furthermore, it seems that high tech seek and destroy technology was used to get him. They say he "car jacked" somebody and they found him that way. Sounds very medieval for a former LAPD and Military Man don't you think? There are a lot of rumors swirling and they all say something else is going on.

What do you think?

Dude just looked way regular and happy...and now he's suddenly a terrorist.

Click here to read a letter written by another former LAPD who feels like Dorner...cept he didn't kill anybody.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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