Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Were There Two Other Shooters In Newtown Tragedy?

AllHipHop Staff

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I couldn't even muster up the words for a "Signs The World Is Coming To An End" when the tragedy of Newtown, Connecticut happened. There were 20 kids and 6 adults slaughtered in cold blood in a school. Then the killer killed himself in a final act of cowardice. But, here is something I have been hearing in the subterranean world.

They are saying that there were other shooters and that eye witnesses saw the authorities take down two others. The media may actually be covering for the perps, if these theorists are correct. But, as I googled, I cannot find any information that suggests there were more shooters. Clearly, even search can be controlled. Have you heard anything like this? Do you think the media is playing a role in controlling what we see surrounding this case?

Shout out to president Obama for how he handled the situation yesterday. A real class act.

Illseed, Out.



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