Non Hip-Hop Rumors: What Happened To Oprah Riding For Obama This Time?

In 07-08, Oprah Winfrey was rocking and a-rolling for Barack Obama! She was more political than she had ever been in her entire career! But, this time around, there was no O to be found! Now, I had to repost that hilarious picture of Michelle and Oprah. But, no it wasn't a battle of the cat fight sort. It was more basic than that. Seems like Oprah pissed off a lot of her middle class White women back in the day when she supported Barack. This time, with OWN in bad shape, Oprah decided that if it didn't make dollars than it didn't map sense - election be damned! So she decided to sit down even though Barack got most of the female vote.

And there you have it. A pointless rumor, but something to ponder.

Look at Master P in the pic though! LOL!



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