Noooooo! Is Joey Badass Claiming Crip Now?


The Crips may just have a new member that has more than gun skills!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Joey Badass is one of the best that New York has to offer when it comes to Hip-Hop. He is remarkably talented and smart. But, is there reason to be concerned? On a new remix, he seems to be claiming Crip. "East side ni##a, Ima get it off the rip...I be moving round with them 8-Trey Crips,” he says on the remix of “Bounce Out Wit That.” And then he does the thing Crips do and says, “CUH-Riiiip!" Listen for yourself.

Now, if you don’t know - street tribes or GANGS - are all the rage now. Everybody in Hip-Hop is doing it now. On the West Coast and some other places, its pretty common, but NY - not so much. This is a far cry from the Black Spades and other gang factions back in the 70’s. These are COLORS - red and blue. We have Cardi B, Tekashi69 and more pushing that brand. There are a number of street level emcees that rep that Blue, but I am thinking...this is weird!

I am open to listen to reason why one of the most “woke” rappers in the game is now potentially a gang member.

Is he being extorted?

Does he need protection from unseen street forces?

Is 45 after him since on the last album he said “F##k Donald Trump!”?

Can we expect a song with Jeezy on the famous Crips's last album?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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maybe here is more to it


Wtf? Come on now....smh....these fashion bangers is the wrong message to send to kids.


Nobody speaking out about how corny this mess is.


Bad about to flip the script for the money...

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