Now Lil Pump Has Beef With Asian Rapper China Mac Over Racist Rap!

Rapper Lil Pump recently upset Asian Hip-Hop lovers and one rapper isn’t afraid to speak up about it.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Lil Pump caused quite the stir recently after posting a video clip online. Pump was on Instagram previewing some of his new music when some of the lyrics caught the attention of fans.

"Butterfly Doors" is the name of the single and Asian Hip-Hop lovers aren't happy about it.

“Butterfly Door, they call me Yao Ming cause my eyes real low! (Ching Chong),” raps Pump.

After hearing this fans were upset because according to them Pump always makes racially insensitive jokes in his songs. Asian Gangster emcee China Mac wasn't happy at all and basically told Pump to shut his mouth. Do you guys agree with his take?