NYPD Thinks Cardi B Is Lying About Chokehold Incident!


The police don't believe Bardi! Cardi B! What really happened on Tuesday in Columbus Circle?!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh! Someone is lying. We still bet it's the NYPD, but something isn't adding up.

Rapper Cardi B claimed that an NYC police officer had her in a chokehold earlier this week in what should've simply been a routine traffic situation.

Cardi says she got into a fender bender in NY's Columbus Circle earlier this week.

I know she's big mad because she claims a driver slammed into her brand new orange Bentley truck. You know "Bardi" is from the Bronx, so in typical Bronx fashion Cardi and her cousin got out and started arguing with the other driver.

According to Cardi, when the cops pulled up, they slammed her against her vehicle, and put her in a chokehold.

Cardi did say the officer let her go once things cooled off a bit, but she claims he didn't bother writing an incident report or issuing any tickets.

The NYPD is telling TMZ a different story, and according to them, none of that happened.

Apparently the NYPD can't find any evidence that this incident ever took place.

NYPD Assistant Commissioner Peter Donald told TMZ that NYPD conducted a full investigation into the Bronx rapper's allegation that an officer put her in a choke hold Tuesday and slammed her up against her SUV. He says they can't find any proof it happened.

Donald says all commanders in each precinct looked into surveillance video of the area and could not find a thing to support her account.

What also makes it interesting is the fact that Cardi isn't offering any more details or taking legal action. What are your thoughts?


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