Offset Has Beef...But Who Is He Talking About?


Offset is the "real one" and he wants all the smoke you bums have to offer!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Offset of the Migos is the guy that's been in and out of the bing, but he also managed to bag a bad ass Blood! And while he probably doesn't want any issues with them alphabet boys, he's not shying away from sub-tweeting some mysterious person! OFFSET IS UPSET! I just can't quite figure out who is is talking to. I am going to share these tweets and offer my speculation.

Well, if you ask me, at least some of that is going at Nicki Minaj. I am sure Offset is going off, because 1) Cardi is his most prized Baby Mama, 2) Nicki is talking slick about the Migos and Cardi and 3) he's stressing that baby coming. He's on edge!

I ain't gonna lie...he's probably talking about Nicki and somebody that supported her in some way or another. Maybe Drake? I also heard Gucci. I can't tell. People are rallying behind Nicki somewhat. Cardi has been quiet, but you better believe they are discussing this. Offset is crazy, but guess what is crazier!? THE COMMENTS! These comments are so funny! The comments said, "NO OFFSET - YOU DON'T WANT THIS SMOKE!"

It is definitely good to see that Nicki's Barbz are still loyal to their tearful leaders. I hope they out here getting straight A's too.

Somebody out here is going to have to go, "I WANT THE SMOKE!"

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Ummm lil uzi vert