Offset Responds To Backlash Over "I Cannot Vibe With Queers" Lyrics

Offset has found himself in the hot seat once again.

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Offset is slowly growing into becoming my favorite member of Migos. Seriously, everything he's done lately has become a media story.

He's a rapper whose lyrics are being examined and dissected from every angle. The man has truly become his own person as an entertainer.

Today's wild Offset story surrounds him using the word "queer" in one of his latest verses. The verse in question is spit on "Boss Life," a YFN Lucci song featuring Offset.

Offset spits,

"Pinky ring crystal clear/40k spent on a private lear, 60k solitaire/I can not vibe with q*eers, I got the heart of a bear/bussin' em down by the pair."

From a distance the lyrics seem harmless, but the lyrics seem malicious when compared to previous allegations about Migos possibly being homophobic.

This all goes back to a profile story the group did for the February 2017 issue of Rolling Stone magazine. The group had the following to say when asked about fellow rapper iLoveMakonnen coming out as gay.

"They supported him?" said Quavo. Offset continued, "That's because the world is f-cked up." "This world is not right," added Takeoff before Quavo finished the statement. Quavo stated, "We ain't saying it's nothing wrong with the gays, but he first came out talking about trapping and selling Molly, doing all that. That's wack, bro."

That whole statement was clearly misinterpreted as they stated they weren't talking about gay people & were more so speaking on iLoveMakonnen being a trap rapper. That one interview created a whole narrative around the group. One with effects that we're still seeing today.

Offset later offered an apology for the lyrics.

"Tryna make me out to b a homophobic ima whole Gangsta I don't even speak on sexuality...the difinition ain't even that tryna make it about gays I work with them all the time at events dealing with fashion, tv shows.," said Offset.

It's not worded perfect, but you can tell these are the words of a man who feels irritated and attacked after being thrust into the media spotlight.

The Migos rapper would also take to social media to post a definition of the word queer. This was a further way of attempting to show people that his line had nothing to do with anyone's sexuality.

Do you think the media is constantly attacking Offset?

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This dude is only a homophob because everyone in the world knows he’s gay. You don’t dress like that and make that type of music without having homo tendencies. He needs to just come out already and quit trying to act so hard when he’s soft as marshmallow.


Would've respected him more if he stood by what he stands for.