Offset’s Alleged Cheating May Ruin Cardi’s Bhristmas!


That dude Offset is under the gun in the rumors department, with the allegations he cheated.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Damn. I thought I was going to be able to sit and enjoy the holiday. But nooooooooo…Offset had to allegedly cheat on Cardi B on Bhristmas Eve! Really, people?! All th is trending on Twitter over a dude like Offset CHEATING? What did you think he was going to do? This is Hip-Hop and son lives in the land of ladies. Anyway! Seems like somewhere around September, my dude Offset did some work with a big booty stripper and some of it was recorded. Check this out:

All of this is allegedly, but its getting messy. Now they are saying that Nicki Minaj knew all along and threw sublimes at BARDI! WORD?

I think he paid for a $500k engagement ring for her. She’s about to be paid with she pawns that off.

So, did he cheat or not? Some say its shaky.

Merry Bhristmas!

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Man hoes and strippers what do you expect, hoe!


Prolly bout fake gol an nut rap...