OG Maco Denies HIV Rumor


A rumor hit the net and spread quickly that OG Maco had allegedly contracted the HIV virus. OG Maco says the rumors are completely false. It has been said that OG Maco's current girlfriend and ex-girlfriend also allegedly have HIV. A woman named LaLa was said to have released alleged audio of OG Maco admitting that he is sick. In a series of text messages a woman claims that the CEO of his label allegedly knew a while ago and felt they had to keep it a secret so they paid extra money to get him the medication he needed. OG released a video saying he doesn't know why people want to propagate lies. In the video he plays an audio clip supposedly from Lala that says the rumor isn't true. OG Maco also wrote,

"Despite the vicious rumors, I am in fine health and have no degenerative or deadly diseases.... we are unmoved and will not falter in the face such cowardly and underhanded tactics."

Check out his entire statement below. Of course some fans ran with the rumor and believed it to be true. Others joked that T.I. helped him write his message. What are your thoughts?

Take a listen to the released audio of the alleged conversation between LaLa & OG Maco below.

OG Maco