OH SH#T: Floyd Mayweather Does His Very Best To Ether 50 Cent!

Floyd Mayweather's clap back was felt all over the internet! Good LAWD!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Well, it would seem like 50 Cent and Floyd have officially moved from frenemies to all out foes. This ain't cool but I got a bit bag of popcorn! Here is a quick recap. Just today or maybe yesterday (who cares), 50 Cent said that somebody tried to shoot Floyd and Floyd blamed him. And then there was some back chatter about some of the "hoes" that Floyd was dealing with. The chick said she was NOT a hoe, but 50 insisted she was. Well, now Floyd just came out his IG mouth with a super ill swoop move. He pulled 50's estranged son out of his hat! 50 can't be pleased at this! Take a look!

Here is something he also said too.

This is getting serious FAST.

AND This This Is Me!

Before Floyd had pulled out this can of Ether, 50 Cent levied several posts against him. I guess The Champ had enough.

And then 50's baby moms got into it, and you know they have a storied history of beefing.

I dunno. This is petty overload. Let me find a girl to chill with.

Here is some more before I go!