Omillio Sparks Reminisces On Him & Jay Z’s First Reaction To “Ether”


Omillio Sparks recently sat down with Doggie Diamonds and gives a funny account of the first time he and Jay Z heard Nas’ “Ether”.

By ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors) HILARIOUS! Omillio said he and Jay Z were walking into Cheetah, and the DJ dropped “Ether” when him and Jay came into the club.

Omillio says that they felt the DJ played the record to intentionally disrespect Jay Z. Could you imagine hearing that for the first time especially since the songs starts with the, “F-ck Jay Z”?

Omillio explains that it was crazy and threw them up, and they were like hold on, we have to get to the studio fast because it can’t happen like this!

Sparks did explain that with being in the music business they had moments, so today he can’t really be mad about it.

According to Omillio, it was crazy because Nas really attacked Jay, and the public definitely was in Nas’ favor. Omillio says Jay Z was really laid back with it at the time, but when it came to Hot 97, they went up there to flame Mobb Deep and anyone else who were their opponents at the time.

Mannnnn that had to be an awesome time to be alive and of age in Hip Hop. Where were you the first time you heard “Ether”, and what were your thoughts?

Omillio Sparks Explains How Jay Z Reacted When He 1st Heard Ether