On Blast: Remy Ma Puts Azealia Banks In Her Place!


One thing about receipts is they don't lie!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Oh my!

Azealia Banks has started a beef with just about every female rapper, actually with anyone ever, so it was only a matter of time before she decided to pick a fight with Remy Ma!

Banks has this weird thing about slandering female rappers only to apologize and kiss their asses later on.

Either Azealia was just trolling for more attention or she's really trying to get on Nicki's good side as she has already called Cardi B a poor man's Nicki Minaj after she apologized to her.

Banks has decided to go at the wrong one as she's accused Remy of being obsessed with Nicki.

Azealia posted a screenshot of a quote from Remy Ma’s recent E Bro In The Morning interview, with a caption that detailed her belief of Remy having an unhealthy obsession with Nicki Minaj.

According to Banks, Remy doesn't count in the female rap convo anymore, and she even tried to diss Remy for having to go on Love & Hip Hop to garner buzz after her stint in jail.

It didn't take long for Remy to respond, and boy did she respond!

Remy posted screenshots of text messages from Banks over the past year. The text messages showed Banks talking about selling clothes to pay rent, not being able to book shows, and talking sh-t about Nicki Minaj and her lack of Grammy wins.

Azealia also referred to Remy as one of her favorite rappers in the text, and she gave Remy some other compliments that clearly contradicted the caption she posted.

Once Remy responded, Azealia changed her caption, and Remy called her out for that too.

This lead to Remy posting even more screenshots of Azealia talking about wanting to get maintenance on her vagina and more examples of her hating on Nicki.

Well Banks claims that no one has cared about Nicki since her relationship with Meek Mill, and that no one cares about Remy since she came home from jail.

Azealia needs professional help. She clearly isn't mentally stable, and she really gets a rise out of randomly beefing with people.










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Azealia needs to be shuned completely.. How has this borderline personality disorder not been Black balled. Her relevance in music is literally this... Talk shit, Cry, Take it back, flip it round, repeat. It's not gonna change ever. When did she last release some music. Fuck her & her rugged pussy.


just tear us down and pump they own


Azealia Banks is real as fuck, but these Euro Run sites don't what her to a strong African Female tho


Remy ma is hella rough..