One Of Dip Set’s Soldiers Get’s Knocked Out Cold! Or Does He?

Hell Rell seemingly took a a pretty big L in the streets. See how it went down in video and social media.

(AllHipHop Rumors) There is zero love in the streets, family. There is zero respect in these streets, my people. And if you think its sweet, you are about to get a root canal if you ain’t careful. Why do I say these things? I say this because Hell Rell was apparently knocked out in the streets of New York recently and the aftermath was taped for all to see.

There isn’t a lot to say here. I don’t know what Rugga got himself into but they went so far as to tag Cam and Juelz! That’s not good!

It looks like the threats have already started on social media. If you look at the comments, they are there and these seem to be the gentlemen that had something to do with the situation. Yowza!

The IG continue to tape Hell Rell as he was out in the street, all under the guise of saying “Rell get up” instead of helping Rell get up. No love.

There might be a reason why the video seems "off" - why? Rugga says he was drunk and some random dudes took a video of him being wasted. Hell Rell makes sense. There is no footage of him being robbed, beat and he even has his jewels on. He struggles to get up like a person completely drunk and there is the "faux" helpers. They don't seek to help him, but seemingly there to embarrass him. Watch Rell talk in the video below.

What say you? Hopefully nobody dies over this stuff.

Kinda gotta believe Rell, that's not Gangsta. Not one dude touched him and he still got his chain on? This is what 2017 beef looks like? Well, it's actually not a bad thing, nobody got killed, fuck it..

if it was real they would have taken his chain, but maybe not becasue who gets that sauced on the street and falls down, and stays laying on the dirty a$$ ground??


Rell bout to do homeboy dirty.