One Reason Why The Future Is Bright For Offset & The Migos! OK 2!

The ATL crew has done a lot and now they are about to do some more!

(AllHipHop Rumors) The Migos. The name strikes fear in the hearts of rappers. Maybe not literally, but they are the biggest group in Hip-Hop today. Remember those? GROUPS? And not some throw together mess either - they have as much synchronicity as any of the greats. And they are growing so it is time so salute Offset for his new baby Kulture….with Cardi! A bouncing baby girl!

Now, back to the group. They have grown a lot too, but what next? We interviewed them momentarily on the red carpet at the ASCAP Awards and they dropped a very small jewel on us. But, they did not expound much at all. A MOVIE. What could it be? What is the movie? Take a look:

I think they may be doing the new House Party movie! I really do! Why? 1) I know for a fact LeBron James is working on producing a new version of the Kid-N-Play classic movie. Remember? That movie also included Martin Lawrence and the franchise had Hip-Hop and up-n-comers like Full Force, Bernie Mack, Chris Tucker and more! In today’s era, what rap star[s] would they have to do the updated version of the movie? THE MIGOS!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think?