OOOUUU: 50 Cent Gets Petty, And So Does Drake!

Can it be that Kanye West and Papoose may deal with their celebrity frenemies very differently? #Bars

(AllHipHop Rumors) 50 Cent gave Remy Ma a compliment and it really seemed like he was hitting on the BX spitter. We have all noticed that Remy has been looking good and better and better. And guess what? She’s married to Papoose! Everybody knows that! Why would he make an off-color comment about that man’s wiz!? See how it played out, because Papoose isn’t the one! I just hope it doesn’t turn into a battle!


This Drake, Kanye, and Pusha T thing isn’t going away and it is rolling out more. Petty is, petty does. Drake’s song “8 Out Of 10” seems to suggest very subliminally that Drake crushed KK. I have to be honest. As I write this, I am questioning the meaning of life. “Why am I writing about something so infantile? Is this is what my life has become? When I die, will Drake say bad things? Will Kanye or KK snort my ashes?” I just hope they do something, even if its peeing on my grave. Do something. So, the internets are saying that Drake may have had sex with Kim Kardashian at some point. I think this is why they retaliation to Pusha T was always re-routed to Kanye. Drake has dirt! But why do this sublime sh#t! Drake’s “brand” isn’t so pristine that he can’t take a moment to shake up the world saying he had sex with somebody quite a few celebs have already sexed.

Here is DJ AK talking about like he does so well.

These dudes need to do a dance off.

50 and Pap don't dance. Too Gangsta.