Our OKP/Questlove Reply

Wednesday March 31, 2004

We put up a lil’ rumor about Questlove and The Roots and him really wanting to play drums for Prince. Well, we got an email and Questie replied, but we don’t quite understand what he meant. Here is the reply that was posted on the coveted Okayplayer.com message boards:

“classic case of "no one got shot this week so let's just talk about ANYTHING"

 couldn't mofos just give me a bigup and say nice article? clef wrote about marley, but no one is saying that he gonna do the bob reveiw 2004---on the real maybe they shoulda focused on the fact that only 2 hip hop acts got on rolling stone's 50 list (i woulda at LEAST expected 7 to 8 but not 2).”

First, Quest - people getting shot is NEWS so the rumors would never deal in that. This is just chit chatter, Well, Quest we honestly didn’t even know you had a piece in the latest Rolling Stone, truth be told. We couldn’t talk about Clef because nobody said anything to us about Clef. But the person that had this to say is a serious Prince fan, fanatic, club member and all that. Apparently, he or she thought they knew something about you and apparently they were wrong. HEY GUYS QUESTLOVE AIN’T LEAVING THE ROOTS, PRINCE OR NO PRINCE! AND, we know what happened to Malik B, duh!

Hey, never let it be said that we aren’t quick to dead a rumor. Moving on.

Anybody wondering why Renegade Radio with Sway ain’t on Hot 97 anymore? Well the word is, the programming VP Tracey C. wanted to add Joe Budden to the popular morning show…but existing cats weren’t really feeling that. Seems like they felt they had a winning team already. So, Sway and his camp quit. Ms. Info was able to stick around, but the word is that is a different story. OK, you get the idea, and if you aren’t able to get Hot 97 in NY, we apologize for this long, really winded rumor.


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